Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My First Post

As i am as good at waffling as those lucky potatoes that birdseye get hold of, i guess its time for my first blog post...

It seems a little odd, but im assured ill get used to it! Im not sure if anyone will even read this, or even want to read more but hey!

Okay, so, well, i am Emma, AKA Mrs P, Crazy cat lady of my street, crazy ribbon lady (as my blog suggests!) and mommy (to my kitties - more on them in a bit!)

I got married in March, had an absolutely fabulous mad quirky wedding :) Im just beginning to organise myself to scrapbook my wedding so ill have little show off moments as i do that i think :)

I have a whole double 'bedroom' in my house that is dedicated to craft, including a wall full of ribbon! I like everything to be sorted into colour and am sometimes just as happy sorting as i am crafting! I like to sell my cards as and when i can but i dont make them for profit as such, i just like to buy more bits and pieces on ebay and will continue untill my craftroom is completely full... mwahahaha
Luckily my husband is very supportive :) Hea bit of an apple geek so he gets one expensive thing to every million ribbons/charms/brads/buttons/papers i get, just to keep it fair ;)

Im also very lucky to be a DT for Charisma Cardz Challenges!
So no doubt ill natter on about the fab challenges we have every Thursday!

My kitties love my craft room too, Oreo has her own chair she likes to sit on and if someone or something is on it, she will just climb ontop and go to sleep there anyway!
Batman has his own piece of ribbon which is tied to the arm of 'my' chair which is the only piece of ribbon he knows hes allowed to play with. Even though my ribbons run all the way down the wall and a few drag on the floor ive never caught him playing with any of my ribbon! Hes such a good cat! Im sure youll hear lots about my cats... they really are my babies and have such character!!

Well that, i think, is my first post done, ill be back before the weekend with (hopefully!) a photo post!