Friday, 9 March 2012


So this weeks challenge over at Charisma cardz was chosen by none other than myself... Therefor it goes without saying that this weeks challenge is RIBBON!!! Use as much ribbon as you can! There's even an extra challenge for using the most ribbons! Can't wait to see all of the entries, so far it looks like top 3 will be difficult!!
Well here is my DT work, a new baby door hanger with my new TPC studio stamp set I bought in America recently :) I've used 5 different ribbons, 86 pieces totalling almost 8m!!!! Hope you like it!!

Can't wait to see what fab entries there will be this week!!

Go ribbon crazy!! x

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Crazy ribbon lady...

Soooo I've had the day off today and that gave me a little time to play in my craft room!
First of all I tidied up! Then I finished my last Christmas card off for miss Alison, then I sorted out the pile of stamps I had into cd cases, put away the stack of papers I hadn't sorted designed my mums 50th birthday invitations and then finalllllllly got to ribbon!!
So without further ado... The stupid amount of ribbon I bought on eBay stupid cheap has almost all arrived...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bad blogger!

I've been such a bad blogger! Christmas sucks in retail!
Anyways, charismas challenge this week is last minute Christmas makes! Here's mine, let's see yours!!

I'm off to watch the hog father now (again!!!) <3 Christmas tv :D

Friday, 2 December 2011

Baby boy!

Well I've finished it! Here is my baby boy card for my godson James & his yummy mummy Lisa! Can't wait to see them on Monday! :D

I love this inkadinkado stamp set, its so cute! it's really a girl set, but blue shoes fixed that! ;) haha!


Ow mi gawsh! Friday afternoon already?!?!?!

I've had the day off but it's been such a mad busy week! Went to see rihanna on tuesday, listening to a bit of rihanna right now as I'm trying to make a baby boy card for my godson! Having a bit of a break as my hands are FROZZIN so I'm struggling a bit, my colouring is shocking! At least it's (hopefully!) not going to be a card that's all about the image! Hopefully it'll be finished later & I'll share it :)

But there was a new challenge yesterday over at and this week its SPOTS!!! Love this challenge, the hardest part for me was choosing which card to submit for the DT as I'm quite often going dotty!! Well I think I chose a good un and went for a tricky one, a mans card! I love this TGF image, I don't have this stamp & no idea where I got this image from, but I want moreeeeee! :)

Well I better get back to my baby boy card... Wish me luck! ;)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Busy weekend!!!!

Welllllll yesterday my gorgeously stunning godson james was born! I am so freaking excited to meet him, unfortunately he lives many miles away so I have to wait untill next Sunday :(

I've been at a fantastic wedding all day! Last night was chaos as i had to run around picking up my dress, the shoes i planned to borrow didnt fit, i lost my sixpence and all sorts!!
I arrived early this morning to tie the guys cravats for them and drop off the lucky silver sixpence to my lovely friend Claire (the bride!) and more chaos!! Half an hour before the wedding the maid of honours invisible zip broke! And jammed!! OMG!!! But luckilllllly as I was leaving the house I had popped back upstairs to grab a needle & cotton (must be psychic!) so I grabbed it out the car and actually stitched her into her dress!!! And as I left she was dancing away, still stitched in! :)
It was an amazing day tho, dry weather, gorgeous dresses, yummy food, epic cake, elvis impersonator!! everything was stunning and being the crafty thing I am I had helped with the decorations (of course!) I was even thanked in 2 of the speeches! (blushes!!) I'm shattered now & off to bed so I'll blog pics of that another day properly on the computer instead of my phone but for now here's the happy couple!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A day off!! Oh, and then an 11 hour shift :(

Well it appears that my last blog attempt saved instead of published! Oh well, it's all irrelevant now anyway! ;)

I had a fab day off yesterday, I made my husbands birthday card, my friend Claire's wedding card (for Saturday, soooo excited!!!!) AND a Christmas card!
Alison came over and we crafted like crazy! Well, she punched about a million snowflakes and coloured, cut and glittered a whole army of Xmas sweetie anyas!

And then today is Thursday so that ment I had a sucky pants rubbish 9-8 day at work, and after coming out of sale 10 days ago, it's time to guess what launch sale again!! Christmas sale! Seriously?!?! Blah! Glad to be home! Catching up on xfactor USA & off to bed v soon!! Zzzzzzzz!!

Buuuuuuut as its Thursday that also means a new challenge at charisma!! And this week it's snowflakes!!! I <3 snowflakes!! I love snow and snowmen too tho! Almost all of the Xmas cards I've made have snowflakes or snowmen, and the one I made last night was no exception! I love TGFs & the snow, rain, shine anyas are no exception! So snow anya it was! Lol It was too late for the DT (and completely unplanned as its team gems week, and i didnt think ild have time to squeeze in a creation as I've too much to make specifically for people!) buuuut when snowflake mojo hits, you gotta go with it!! So head over to charisma and have a peek at the gorgeous DT work and have a little go! here it is anyways...