Saturday, 26 November 2011

Busy weekend!!!!

Welllllll yesterday my gorgeously stunning godson james was born! I am so freaking excited to meet him, unfortunately he lives many miles away so I have to wait untill next Sunday :(

I've been at a fantastic wedding all day! Last night was chaos as i had to run around picking up my dress, the shoes i planned to borrow didnt fit, i lost my sixpence and all sorts!!
I arrived early this morning to tie the guys cravats for them and drop off the lucky silver sixpence to my lovely friend Claire (the bride!) and more chaos!! Half an hour before the wedding the maid of honours invisible zip broke! And jammed!! OMG!!! But luckilllllly as I was leaving the house I had popped back upstairs to grab a needle & cotton (must be psychic!) so I grabbed it out the car and actually stitched her into her dress!!! And as I left she was dancing away, still stitched in! :)
It was an amazing day tho, dry weather, gorgeous dresses, yummy food, epic cake, elvis impersonator!! everything was stunning and being the crafty thing I am I had helped with the decorations (of course!) I was even thanked in 2 of the speeches! (blushes!!) I'm shattered now & off to bed so I'll blog pics of that another day properly on the computer instead of my phone but for now here's the happy couple!

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